Sunday, July 8, 2012

Transform Your Nails with VINYL REMIX: Post 1

Bari Cosmetics is proud to announce the release of Pure Ice Vinyl Remix- nail enamels for the adventurous girl that doesn't mind a surprise! Vinyl Remix is the next generation of Crackle nail enamels, which create a "cracked" effect on the nails.

Here's the "remix": Vinyl Remix only reveals your color after it dries. The first step is applying the Platinum Magic Base Coat. Then, you use one of the Vinyl Remix enamels on top. When the polishes dry, the white base is transformed into a mystery color with a black Crackle design on top. It's the crackle we all know and love- but with a surprising twist!

As with all Pure Ice Nail Enamels, the Vinyl Remix collection is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP and contain Bari Cosmetics' patented salon long wear formula. Best of all, besides the Platinum Magic Base Coat and Vinyl Remix Crackle enamel, the set also includes a free nail file and a free song download, all for $6.49!

Avaliable in:
  • Rave (orange)
  • Glam Rock (pink)
  • Emcee Me (yellow)
  • DJ Spinner (green)
  • Rock Star (blue)
  • Vintage Remix (purple)
About Bari Cosmetics:
Founded in 1981 by industry veteran Don Harkness, Bari Cosmetics has become a leader in affordable color cosmetics that allow your inner beauty to shine without breaking the bank. By using high quality ingredients that always give the perfect outcome. Bari Cosmetics' unique Love My, Bon Bons, and Pure Ice cosmetic lines give a top quality look at a bargain price.

Bari Cosmetics is avaliable online at

The above was the press release for Pure Ice's line of Vinyl Remix, incase you hadn't figured that out already, haha. Recently, I recieved 2 of the Vinyl Remix packages for review. You will be seeing these on the blog soon! For more posts about Vinyl Remix, look for "Transform Your Nails with VINYL REMIX" as a post title! I will be having atleast 2 more posts about Vinyl Remix... so be watching!

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