Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Transform Your Nails With VINYL REMIX: Post 4

Hello! Today is the last post showing you the Pure Ice Vinyl Remix! I will be showing you an actual on-the-nail swatch today! Let's get to it!

I started off with base coat, and then used 2 coats of Pure Ice Platinum Magic Base Coat. I really, really like this white! It's awesome! It has a really good formula and the 2 coats is really good for a white polish! Plus, I have 2 bottles of it! Next, I painted on Glam Rock (pink) and Rock Star (blue) on the nail in random patterns. I didn't use topcoat. Here's the finished look:

Now, does something look a little missing to you? Like the color? Yeah, I thought so too! The color was really, really light and faint on the nail... What's up with that? It looked normal on the paper I tried it on... It looked normal on all of the other blogs I saw it on??? So what did I do wrong? I have no idea.

Here's my though on the product:

I think that Pure Ice Vinyl Remix is really cool! I love the idea! I think that the Platinum Magic Base Coat is an awesome white, and I think that the finished affect is really cool! Even if the colors didn't show up as well as I liked... Because honestly (some people will hate me for saying this), I'm not that burnt out on the crackle effect yet. I think that this is a good product, and is really ideal for younger people wanting to try come crazy (yet easy) nail art.

Thanks for reading! And thank you to Pure Ice for letting me review the product!


*The products used in this post were provided to me for review. See my Contact/Procut Review page for more info.*

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