Thursday, August 23, 2012

Haul #4! Bath and Body Works and Ulta!

You thought I was on a no-buy, huh? Well I was.... More on that later on.

I started off by going to Bath and Body Works! I 'was in need of some hand sanitizer, and some other stuff came along too!

Left: Everything I purchased!
Right Top: A set of 3 of the Paris-Themed Lotions for $8.50 (Sweet on Paris, Paris in Bloom, Paris Nights)
Right Bottom: 5 for $5 Hand Sanitizers (Paris Amour, Bonjour! Pink Bloom, I <3 Paris Berry Amour, Fresh Picked Tangerines, and Pumpkin)


Left (from top to bottom): Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Sweetheart Pink, Jaded, and Army of 1. I got all three of these for free!

Right Top: Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer Beachy Keen Set of 5 for $9.95 (a $18.75 value). Names (from left to right) are Urchin, Sun Kissed, Golden Rays, Low Tide, and Sand Dollar

Right Bottom: My free gift! I spent $17.50 on Ulta products and got this awesome free present! It came with 2 eyeshadow quads, blush, lip gloss, 3 brushes, a dual-ended eyeliner, full-sized mascara, lipstick, nail polish (!!!!), and Instant Nourish Facial Moisterizer!

Not Pictured: I also got Ulta Brush and Sponge Cleaner, and Eyebrow Brush and Comb, and an Angled Eyeshadow Brush. I figured I wouldn't include a picture because most of you know what those are!

I got everything from Ulta for about $28! Great deal!

Now, onto how I was on a "no-buy". Well that didn't really work out! Ulta had such a great deal for the free gift, and I couldn't pass it up! I saved a TON (like $100 I believe). I also needed the hand sanitzers and lotions! So I think that this is an exception! I think it's a LOW-BUY now. Just incase I see anything really extrodinary or awesome!
What do you think of my haul? Does anything spark your interest? Do you want to see any of these products featured on Caroline's Nails? I would be more than happy to do some swatch and review posts! Just comment what you want to see! Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow, 5 Ulta polishes for under 10 dollars? I think I need to hit Ulta the first thing I wake up tomorrow!

    1. It's a great deal! And they're really great quality! Good luck finding some, they come in a great variety of sets! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Don't worry, I suck too! Obviously! Lol :)

    2. LOL me too!!!!
      Follow me?

  3. You should swatch the set of 5 ulta polishes and also the 3 single ulta polishes you bought :)


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