Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wet n Wild Value Set Swatches: Part 1

Hello dear followers! Yes, I'm still in Florida today! And yes, this is a scheduled post! :)

Whenever I posted my Haul from Oklahoma City, a lot of you commented on the Wet n Wild Value Set that came with 8 great polishes for only $9.99! I got this set at Walgreens, and you can see that post HERE.

Today, I will be showing you Part 1 of this value set, which is the Wet n Wild MegaLast polishes! These are finger swatches because I didn't have time to do all my hand- I hope you don't mind! Let's get started!

Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint.
A lovely "tiffany" inspired blue creme. This is 3 coats. No top coat.

Wet n Wild Wet Cement.
A basic taupe creme that's great for fall. Again, this is 3 coats with no top coat.

 Wet n Wild I Red A Good Book.
A basic and classy red jelly. This is 2 coats. No top coat.

Wet n Wild On A Trip.
 A beautiful purple creme. Again, 2 coats with no top coat.

Now that you've seen all the lovely colors, let's talk formula and brushes! Okay, these brushes... A huge! Surprisingly, I don't mind them! You have to be very careful when applying the polish because the brush can make the polish pool and run. However, if you apply thin coats, then it's amazing! All the coats I used for the swatches were thin coats. I'm sure that the 3 coaters would be 2 coaters if my coats weren't so thin! Despite being careful then applying, they went on easily! Dry time was good!

FINAL VERDICT: This half of the set is great (you'll just have to check back in a few days to see the other half of the set)! I would by the value set just for these 4 polishes! If you don't mind careful application, I would get them! The formula is GREAT!

So, do you own any Wet n Wild MegaLast polishes? If so, which ones? Any of these four? What's your favorite polish in this post? I want to hear! Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!



  1. I have Break the Ice and I love the big brush! I would love those colors, but I can't for the life of me put cremes on right :(

    1. Break the Ice is such a pretty color! I understand about putting on cremes right! Maybe you could layer with glitter! Anyway, thank you for reading and commenting! :)



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