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Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream: Review

You may remember my Press Release post about Vitaphenol. You can check it out HERE.

I was lucky enough to recieve a sample of Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream to review. The Vitaphenol Daily Defence Cream is an Anti-Aging Deep Rehydration Treatment.

Daily Defense Cream
1.6 fl. oz. (Suggested Retail Price $95 at
  • Intensely moisturizing, formulated to treat and sooth very dry skin
  • Hydrates skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Light, fresh scent

How it Works:
Nourish dry skin with equal parts treatment and hydration replenishment. This water-based anti-aging skin cream visibly reduces dryness and sensitivity while hydrating skin cells. Cools and refreshes skin while leaving a luxurious subtle sheen and reverses the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.

Key Ingredients:
  • Vitaphenol Complex: A potent blend of medically compounded super-antioxidants, including mangosteen, pomegranate and green and white teas. This rare combination visibly perfects skin tone.
  • CoQ10: Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Ceramides: This family of lipid molecules boosts the skin's water-retention capacity, adding to skin volume.
  • Caffine: Immediately gives the appearance of tighter firmer, younger skin.
  • Other ingredients include: chamomile extract, mint leaf oil, peppermint oil, spearmint leaf oil.

Doctor Recommended Use:
After cleansing and toning, apply a thin layer to face, neck and decollete as a final step in your skincare regime. Aplly under sunscreen. Use twice a day.

What is Vitaphenol Complex?
The Vitaphenol Complex is a specially formulated blend of medically compounded Mangosteen (a rich source of xanthones), Pomegranate (helps give strength and support to skin), and Green and White Tea (reduce damage caused by sun and provide immunity boost) that visibly perfect the skin tone. This complex is exclusive to Vitaphenol and is a key formula for every product.

The above was taken from Vitaphenol.

I was very impressed with the backaging from Vitaphenol. My package came in the mail nicely wrapped, in a nice box, with the product in a tube with a pump for easy use (see above). Here's a look at all the sides of the box Vitaphenol came in. You can enlarge the picture for information such as ingredients and instructions.

Now, it's time for the actual review. Let's start of by how I used it. Now, I am sort of shy when it comes to new skincare products. I get used to one product and stick with it. I can break out very easily, and who wants to walk around with acne all over their face? Not me! Now, I am a strong believer in Proactiv. I use all 3 steps, everyday. I love it. It helps prevent acne, and I never break out when I use it. Plus, it does miracles for my skin. But whenever I got Vitaphenol in the mail, that all changed. I changed my daily skincare regime. In the morning as I got ready, I used Step 1 (Renewing Cleanser) and Step 2 (Revitalizing Toner) from Proactiv. I went ahead and skipped Step 3, and used the Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream. When I was in Florida on my trip, I used Proactiv Step 1, Proactiv Step 2, Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream, and then Aveeno Face Sunscreen in SPF 30. At night, I went ahead and washed my face with hot water, then put the Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream straight on. I've been doing this for the past 2 weeks.

That's how I used Vitaphenol. But did I like it? YES! I loved it! The smell was great, and the texture was great. It really did reduce the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles, and it really made my skin very soft and hydrated! And guess what? I didn't break out! However, the only downer is that I did get a few zits. I got some annoying itty bitty pimples on the crease on my chin, and on the sides of my nose. But they weren't very visible at all. These pimples were probably because my skin really likes Proactiv Step 3, and I hadn't used it for over 2 weeks. So, that's the only downer.

In case you're wondering. This is what Vitaphenol looks like. It's sort of a sheer-white color. Below is one "pump" of the product.

I really liked Vitaphenol. It did great things for my face. I would give Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream a 8 out of 10. The only reason it isn't a 10 is that it didn't help reduce acne. So, if you have very dry skin or intense fine lines or wrinkles... Get Vitaphenol! It's sure to help!

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*Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream was provided for me to review. See my Contact /  Product Review Page for more details.*

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